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Prior to our drop-in or overnight stay,  a "Meet-and-Greet" visit is of utmost importance for us to get to know you and your pet and discuss particulars with you, as well.  Ideally, this should occur a day or so  before beginning the services that we have agreed upon and to see if the animal is a good fit


We provide overnight stays in your OWN HOME.   An overnight stay is approximately 12 hours

Prices range from $50 to $55 per night for up to 2 pets  -  $5 for each additional pet.  Prices reflect travel within our service area.  For travel beyond our area                                                                 there is an additional  charge of $1 per mile  (see map of our office location)


                                          HOLIDAY SURCHARGE 


                                                       Should an overnight stay fall on the night of a holiday,  i.e.  Easter, Thanksgiving,                                                              Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,  New Year's Eve or New Year's Day  an additional                                                           charge of $20 will be added to the bill for EACH holiday night spent .  On said                                                                     holidays, the drop-in fee will be $25 instead of $20


 Water & food bowl will be observed and replenished as necessary.  Pets with no doggie door will be let outdoors for a brief time to do their "business" and frolic

Cost is $20 per visit  within our service area  (see map of our office location)


As an added free service, mail, newspapers, and packages can be brought indoors if so desired

N. 16th St. & E. Union Hills Rd.

A 10 mile radius from the red pin  encompasses our service area